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Regional eUpdate - September 2016


We want Scotland to lead the way in welcoming the world by delivering information that both meets visitor needs and inspires them to stay longer in our wonderful country and share their experiences. 

Whether we’re thinking about visitors looking to holiday with their pet; those hunting for the next big film location; or visitors with specific accessibility requirements; we must ensure that the hospitality encountered by all meets, or preferably exceeds, their expectations.  This will result in happy customers who return year on year.

The ASSC is doing precisely this through its ‘Paws for a break’ campaign which we’ve just given Growth Funding.  You could also do it by, for example, capitalising on upcoming movies such as the new King Arthur film, out next year. 

Today’s visitors are often staring down at a palm-held device telling them where to go, or holding up a tablet to capture the moment and share with the world through social media.  We must adapt and diversify to ensure we are meeting the needs and expectations of these visitors by giving them relevant information in an inspiring way.  This month’s eUpdate has some great examples of tools available to you to do just that. Enjoy.

Kind regards
Malcolm Roughead, OBE
Chief Executive, VisitScotland