What's trending for 2016?

Scottish tourism businesses are being urged to recognise the importance of the youth market in the coming months, following this month's publication of a new trends paper by VisitScotland.

Produced by the national tourism organisation’s Insight Department, Trends for 2016 highlights '#Travennial-generation: Recognising the Importance of Youth' as one of seven key consumer developments that hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and other tourism businesses should consider over the next year.

Aside from the over-65s, 16 to 24-year-olds stay longer in Scotland during January-March than any other domestic demographic. So, businesses are being urged to think about appealing to younger visitors during the off-season, with Trends for 2016 highlighting the fact that the youth market seeks quality for good value.

The paper also focuses on the young at heart, with 'The Return of the Original Trendsetters' inviting businesses to help the Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) to rediscover their youthful exuberance by offering pursuits normally associated with younger visitors.

Other trends for 2016 

'Honesthicity: Your Authenticity May Not be Mine' – to capitalise on the honesthicity (honest authenticity) trend, businesses are being encouraged to shout about unique products in their area, such as local ales, regional dishes or farmers markets.

'Emotiveography: The Emotion of an Image' – taking advantage of the popularity of geotagging photographs via the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, tourism businesses are encouraged to offer or promote walking tours in the surrounding area which provide good photo opportunities. This could create photogenic hotspots which consumers can use to boost their online profile, while also promoting local tourism.

'Life under the Micro Lens: Adaptable Products for a Flexible Life' – micro products such as breweries, hotels, adventures and pop-up shops can feel more personal to the consumer.

'Overpersonalisation / Digital Presence Empathy: Protecting the Joy of Genuine Discovery'
– awareness that consumers are becoming attuned to oversaturation in focused marketing. Businesses are urged to be smart about their personalised marketing to ensure they retain consumers’ interest in the brand.

'Seeking Famili-ference: Escapism that isn’t a World Away'
– businesses are encouraged to make visitors aware of opportunities to go “off the grid” without travelling great distances. For example, taking a trip on the Borders Railway.

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