Tourism Intelligence Scotland project ends

Tourism Intelligence Scotland (TIS) was launched in 2008 to provide Scotland's tourism industry with a one stop shop for market intelligence.

The project developed guides and online resources to support key market opportunities and workshops to stimulate greater industry collaboration and the development of new products and services. The website also provided the latest insights, webinars, news and events. The aim was to stimulate new thinking and encourage the use of market intelligence to drive innovation.

A recent evaluation of tourism intelligence provision in Scotland has shown that TIS has been successful in its original aim, with more businesses regularly gathering and using market intelligence.

In line with technological advances, today’s tourism businesses are now accessing good quality information from a variety of online sources, including blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts and websites.  In addition, more national and international organisations now regularly share information online and through social media.

Given this significant change, and considering falling levels of usage, the steering group agreed that continued investment in TIS would not represent value for money. The TIS website will close in December 2015.*

This decision has the full backing of the industry through the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) and all the other partners on the TIS steering group including VisitScotland. 

VisitScotland continues to provide up to date industry data and support through its website, which includes all the latest research activity from the organisation on tourism trends and news.

TIS partners will also work jointly with the STA and industry groups to meet research and intelligence needs and any resulting information will be made available through a variety of channels on an ongoing basis.

Should you have any questions about Tourism Intelligence Scotland you can email

* TIS users should note that Highlands and Islands Enterprise will continue to deliver webinars which can be accessed by businesses across all of Scotland.

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