Can you cater for Cyclists?

With cycling tourism contributing greatly to the Scottish economy, VisitScotland offers businesses the opportunity to join the accredited Cycling Welcome Scheme.

Cycling is an important growth area, with an increasing number of cycle routes being developed in Scotland and a growing number of potential guests to boost your business.

Visitors with an interest in the outdoors and a concern for the environment have been considered by VisitScotland in our development of the scheme, which recognises the special efforts made by operators to provide for them. The scheme helps these visitors to choose suitable accommodation that meets and exceeds their needs.

You can choose to become a participant of the Cyclists Welcome Scheme. To become a member, you must offer certain facilities and services such as: information on local routes, public transport and weather forecasts. You can see a checklist of the full criteria on

Cyclists Welcome is one of a range of Welcome Schemes have developed by VisitScotland to complement the Quality Assurance scheme and to guide those visitors with a range of interests to businesses that pay particular attention to their varied needs.

The Welcome Schemes have been developed in consultation with experts in the field they represent. During development, VisitScotland worked with organisations such as the Mountaineering Club for Scotland, Scottish Cyclists Union, Scotland by the Bike and St Andrews Links Trust who have an inside knowledge of visitors’ particular needs.

To find out more about the Welcome Schemes, go to or contact your Industry Relationship Manager, Kyle Lockhart, who will be able to provide you with further information.

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